Sweet Land Protection Fund

A Fund to Act When Time is Short

Harbor-Street_woods_webThe Sweet Land Protection Fund was established by the Board of Directors of the Southeast Land Trust in 2007 to honor the commitment and generosity of Barbara and Cyrus Sweet toward land conservation efforts in this region.   To date, generous donors have contributed $250,000 to the Fund.  The Board is committed to increasing the fund to a working level of $1.0 million.

The Sweet Land Protection Fund is a restricted, revolving fund whose purpose is to provide quick access to financial capital for the Land Trust to purchase land or conservation easements, enter into option agreements, and to cover other costs associated with land conservation projects.  The Fund is intended to serve as a ‘strike fund’ or ‘opportunity vehicle’ to allow the Land Trust to act on emerging conservation opportunities that require an immediate or short-term response from the Land Trust.

To date, by providing ready capital for short term needs, the Sweet Fund has made possible the protection of Awcomin Marsh in Rye, land along the Pawtuckaway River in Epping and Raymond, and other lands currently under agreement.

Interested in contributing to this fund?  Please contact Brian Hart, at 603/ 778-6088 or email