SELT receives James Hayden Award

SELT receives James Hayden Award
James Hayden2We are so honored to be this year’s recipient of the Rockingham Planning Commission‘s James Hayden Award, which was created to “recognize those in the region who have made significant contributions to their communities and the greater region in natural resource conservation and planning.”

In their words, these are the reasons for choosing SELT:
In so many ways, SELT embodies the conservation minded spirit of James Hayden who no doubt would have applauded the organization’s efforts to preserve critical lands, protect water resources and help sustain New Hampshire’s agricultural heritage.
As a commitment to their Mission and goals, SELT adopted a Strategic Plan in 2013 to ensure their work remains relevant by knitting together the organization’s desire for conserving land with people and communities, by strengthening partnerships with members, residents, and land owners. Since 1980, SELT has expanded its territory, professional capacity and financial resources to implement one of the single largest land conservation initiatives in the Seacoast region and greater Coastal Watershed of New Hampshire. In the spirit of former Commissioner James Hayden, the Rockingham Planning Commission honors the Southeast Land Trust of New Hampshire for their continued dedication to sustaining natural landscapes, habitats and natural resources for future generations.
Thank you RPC for this distinction!