Seasonal Stewards monitored nearly 70 conserved properties this Summer!

Seasonal Stewards monitored nearly 70 conserved properties this Summer!

SELT was lucky enough to have the help of two awesome Seasonal Conservation Easement Stewards this summer, Nick Lanzer and Allie Sliney.  In their own words, here were the highlights of the season!

Nick-Lanzer-in-NorwayBy the numbers, this summer was a success! I monitored 39 easement properties totaling over 2,300 acres and spent about 150 hours out in the woods in the process. I wrote 6 addendums to bring property documentation up to date for Land Trust Alliance accreditation purposes. In just one week, I put more than 50 miles on my legs collecting baseline data while crisscrossing the incredible Stonehouse Forest property. It’s impossible to know whether I fed or killed more mosquitoes, but both numbers are surely staggering. I witnessed some beautiful country both on- and off-trail, and a lot of still-beautiful-but-not-terribly-inviting country. (I packed more than my yearly swamp quota into this summer’s monitoring activities.) I got to experience the fruits of conservation first-hand—often literally (think wild blueberries…)—and had a fantastic time doing so. Thanks SELT!

-Nick Lanzer

Allie SlineyWorking at SELT this past summer as a Conservation Easement Steward was definitely an awesome experience. During the 3 months I was here, I visited 28 properties all over southeastern New Hampshire. It was amazing to see the properties that SELT has conserved, and to be able to walk just a few of the properties and see the beauty of the land. The highlight of my summer was seeing tons of wildlife, as well as talking with landowners and volunteers and seeing their passion for conserving land. I truly learned the importance of stewardship and conservation – and working for SELT and getting to know the staff was great!

-Allie Sliney