Management Objectives and Public Uses of SELT’s Lands

P1010107All lands owned by SELT are managed under a guiding set of broad goals and objectives for land management. The objectives of SELT’s land management activities, in no particular order of priority, are as follows:

• Encourage local production of food and fiber;
• Protect and enhance wildlife habitat features, particularly those suited or known to harbor rare, threatened or endangered species;
• Practice long-term, sustainable forest management; and
• Protect water quality by restoring degraded water resources when necessary and by utilizing best management practices applied in sequence with management.
• Provide opportunities for outdoor recreational activities that are compatible with the primary goals and objectives of conserving the land
• Provide opportunities for education and research about nature, natural resource management and wildlife.
SELT recognizes the need to provide opportunities for use of our lands by the public that are compatible with the primary goals and objectives of conserving the land. To help ensure the public uses do not significantly impact the natural resources of the land, the use of our lands by others or interfere with our own land management we have determined the following public uses to be allowed, allowed with permission, or prohibited:

Allowed Uses
1. Passive Recreation – walking, hiking, jogging, running, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, wildlife viewing, canoeing and kayaking are allowed.
2. Dogs – allowed with the following limitations:
• Dogs must be leashed or under voice control at all times.
• Owners must pack out pet waste.
• Dogs may be prohibited on certain properties (as posted) where conflicts with wildlife are a concern or heavy use is diminishing the enjoyment of the property by other visitors.
3. Mountain Biking – allowed on designated trails.
4. Gathering / collection of edibles– allowed for non-commercial use; must use sustainable, low-impact/ecologically sensitive collection techniques.
5. Snowmobiles – allowed on designated trails maintained by a club recognized by the NH Bureau of Trails. SELT requires the club to execute an annual lease for each property.
6. Horseback Riding – allowed on designated trails by individuals and small groups (up to 4 horses); large groups (more than 4 horses) must be authorized in advance.
7. Hunting and fishing – As allowed for by law on most SELT lands. Due to the size of these properties or restrictions of the original donor, hunting is not allowed on the Franklin Preserve, Burley Forest, Kimball Reserve or Powwow River Woodlands. Temporary tree stands must bear owner identification and be removed after each hunting season. Bolted tree stands are prohibited.

Permission Required
1. Metal detectors – permission may be granted for use for scientific or historic research under the supervision of SELT staff.
2. Geocaching – permission must be requested at least 30 days in advance with specific locations provided by applicant to the SELT Property Manager; caches must be discoverable directly from a developed trail and without disturbing the soil or plant material.
3. Camping – permission may be granted under special circumstances; permission must be requested at least 30 days in advance with specific locations provided by applicant to the SELT Property Manager.

Prohibited Uses
1. Wheeled Motor Vehicles – unauthorized wheeled motor vehicles including 4×4’s, ATV’s, UTV’s, dirt bikes.
2. Fires
3. Trapping
4. Baiting
5. Target Practice
6. Dumping – dumping of plant material, soil, trash, litter and debris of any kind
7. Collecting – collecting of biotic and abiotic materials of any kind is prohibited

Consideration of Other Uses
Requests by members of the public to use SELT properties in ways that are not addressed above shall be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the SELT Property Manager for more details.

Temporary Restrictions or Closures
Certain properties or portions of properties may be further restricted for short-term management or conservation-related reasons, at the discretion of SELT’s Property Manager. Please respect such closures, which will be noticed at the property.