Little Harbour Students Experience Outdoor Classrooms

Little Harbour Students Experience Outdoor Classrooms

SELT loves to show kids how important farms and open spaces are and was happy to partner with the Little Harbour School in Portsmouth to help 75 first graders take their classroom outdoors. The students visited two farms in Stratham and Kensington where SELT holds a conservation easement (Scamman Farm), or is pursuing one (Bodwell Farm).

At Scamman Farm, the kids participated in farm games, a hayride tour where they learned about the history of the property, met the goats and chickens, and visited their greenhouse to learn about food systems and growing practices.

The students also visited Bodwell Farm in Kensington, one of the last commercial dairy farms in Rockingham County. They took a walk down the old horse and buggy road that leads into Exeter, met some grazing cows and learned about the importance of land conservation.

The students enjoyed their lunch on the pasture and took a minute to listen quietly to hear and appreciate the sounds of the great outdoors.

Thank you to Little Harbour School for organizing this trip!