How We Protect Land

Land conservation is a voluntary partnership between a landowner and a land trust, community, or government agency.   Landowners, citizens, and communities may have similar reasons for protecting special places.  Depending on a landowner’s goals and the natural resources of the property, there are several methods for long-term conservation, including conservation easements, deed restrictions, or transferring full ownership to the Southeast Land Trust.

Griffin-headlineConservation easements allow a landowner to retain ownership while ensuring the permanent conservation of a property. A conservation easement limits the uses of the property and conveys certain rights to a qualified non-profit organization like the Southeast Land Trust or to a governmental agency, who agrees to monitor and enforce the terms of the easement.

Deed restrictions are placed on a property at the time of conveyance to another party. Deed restrictions are only enforceable by the landowner and the landowner’s heirs and adjacent landowners who benefit from the restriction.  Deed restrictions are simpler than conservation easements, but not as strong.

Book-CoverTransferring full ownership of land to the Southeast Land Trust or another qualified conservation organization, either through a donation, will, or sale, can best secure the long-term conservation of certain properties.  By doing so, a landowner no longer is responsible for paying property taxes and managing the property, while knowing that the land is being stewarded and conserved.

The booklet, Conserving Your Land: Options for New Hampshire Landowners, is a concise and clear guide to possible conservation outcomes for your land. It is available free of charge from the Southeast Land Trust.Please email us a request or call the office at 778-6088.

If you are considering the conservation of your land, we recommend contacting us to set up a confidential meeting. We will be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your goals, walk your property, and answer your questions. Please contact us.