Help Conserve Bodwell Dairy Farm in Kensington

Help Conserve Bodwell Dairy Farm in Kensington

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Now one of only five commercial dairies remaining in all of Rockingham County, Bodwell Farm provides a critical link to the local food network of the Seacoast region. Since 1928, six generations of the Bodwell family have worked this land.

SELT is working with the Bodwell family to conserve the farm. After completing the first phase of this project in 2016, SELT is on track to complete a second easement on 212 acres this year.

With less than $59,000 left to raise, we are asking area residents to contribute and close the gap. To date, funding has been received from public and private sources including the state’s LCHIP program, the Town of Kensington, and private foundations like the Lewis Family Conservation Foundation and the Russell Farm & Forest Conservation Foundation.

IMG_7843With the assistance of donors like you, the surrounding community can be sure this farm will continue to grow something other than houses.

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