Epping proposes $230,000 for Harvey Forest

Epping proposes $230,000 for Harvey Forest

Public Hearing Scheduled for January 14, 6:00pm

Epping residents are strongly encouraged to attend the Epping Budget Committee’s public hearing on Wednesday, January 14 @ 6:00pm at the Epping Town Hall to share their feedback about the project and the proposed expenditure of Town funds to help conserve the Harvey’s Kennard Hill Forest.

The Epping Board of Selectmen have proposed a warrant article to raise and appropriate $230,000 in funds at the 2015 Town Meeting to support Epping’s 890 acres portion of the 1,115 acre Harvey’s Kennard Hill Forest conservation easement.  This funding will be in addition to $20,000 proposed to be expended from the existing Conservation Fund, managed by the Conservation Commission. 

The Land Trust outlined the proposed project to the Selectboard, the Conservation Commission, and the Budget Committee at meetings in November, December and January.  For more details on this project, please download this memo to the Epping Budget Committee:

icon Memo to Epping Budget Committee_2015-01-07 (2.15 MB)

For more information, contact project manager Duane Hyde @ 778-6088 or

More Details about the Town Meeting Process: After the January 14 public hearing, the Budget Committee will then vote on its recommendation to the voters – to approve or not – the warrant article.  Voters will then consider it at the February 3 deliberative session and March 10 ballot vote.

The Town’s funding is critical to show community support to other potential funders and is a great deal for the community, leveraging each Town dollar with $12 from other sources!