Easement Stewardship Program

Scamman Farm_StrathamThe day a conservation easement is recorded is the first day of an infinitely long journey.   When SELT protects land through a conservation easement, we are agreeing to take on the responsibility to steward the conservation easement in perpetuity. This obligation falls on our Easement Stewardship Program. It is our hope that over the years the Easement Stewardship staff and the landowners of the conservation easements work together to continue developing a long-lasting relationship in which we both are working toward the same goal…the ongoing stewardship of a property that was protected in perpetuity for the benefit of people and nature for generations to come.

Our Easement Stewardship staff is dedicated to ensuring the terms of our conservation easements are upheld. This is accomplished by carrying out our stewardship obligations as well as attending to both legal and technical issues that may arise. To accomplish this requires staff to:

  • Conduct annual monitoring through a combination of viewing current year color and infrared aerial photos and on-site visits
  • Respond to landowner questions about the management of their land (wildlife habitat, timber sales, invasive species control) and refer them to Natural Resource professionals as appropriate
  • Interpret the conservation easement to determine if proposed activities adhere to its terms
  • Conduct reviews and approvals for activities on the property (structures, subdivisions, trail creation) when it is required by the conservation easement
  • Update and maintain files for each conservation easement
  • Maintain documentation to reflect changes in ownership
  • Respond to and work with landowners to resolve any violations of the conservation easement

To learn more about our Easement Stewardship Program please contact Deborah Goard, Easement Stewardship Director, at 603-778-6088.