Give the Gift of Conservation

Give the Gift of Conservation

Have you thought about donating your land or a conservation easement?  SELT welcomes inquiries from anyone that is interested in making a donation of land or conservation easements to guarantee that your land will not be developed.  Right now SELT is working with seven landowners who are doing just that!  When considering a generous donation of land or easements SELT evaluates the property’s attributes to ensure they are consistent with SELT’s mission to protect and sustain the significant lands in our communities for clean water, outdoor recreation, fresh food, wildlife, and healthy forests.

SELT also accepts “trade lands” which are properties that may have no meaningful conservation value, but can be donated to a SELT to sell and then use the proceeds to benefit our mission.

If you own property with conservation significance, show your commitment to conservation by donating your land or a conservation easement on your land.

In addition to creating a legacy, there are also tax benefits.

For more information on easements, click here:

Conservation Easements Explained

For information on deductions for donated conservation easements see below.

If you’ve been thinking about conserving your land and are interested in exploring how this could apply to your situation, please call Duane Hyde, our Land Conservation Director, @ 658-9718 or email him at to get the conversation going.

Federal Easements Incentives Made Permanent

Last December, Congress gave conservation-minded landowners throughout the country an early Christmas gift by permanently authorizing the enhanced charitable deduction for donated conservation easements!

The incentive puts conservation in reach for more landowners – regardless of income levels – by:

Raising the deduction limit from 30% to 50% of adjusted gross income;

Extending the carry-forward period for unused donated value from 5 years to 15 years; and

Allowing qualifying farmers to deduct up to 100% of their adjusted gross income.

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